Some of our available services:

Fault finding

Using the latest technology, we can swiftly and effectively find and isolate faults causing your supply to be interrupted.
One common problem is the Residual Current Device (RCD) disconnecting the supply. These can be particularly inconvenient as they can remove power from several or all circuits and can often be difficult to trace.

Repairs, replacements and upgrades

Is that damaged socket getting worse? Is that ceiling light looking tired? Or would you like to finally install those security lights you wanted when you first moved in? Whatever your requirements, we can offer the best solution at the right cost.

Fuse-box upgrades (Consumer units)

Whether you require replacement through damage or are concerned about the level of protection offered by your existing installation, we can supply and install an appropriate upgrade, giving you the peace of mind that your installation is suitably protected.


Are you planning a major renovation or had a condition attached to your mortgage? Are you concerned about the wear and tear of your installation? We can design and install any property from smaller studio flats to the largest detached houses, even commercial properties.

Visual/Periodic inspections (landlords certificates)

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a ‘landlords certificate’, the periodic inspection can be as simple as a visual inspection of your installation, to more detailed testing/examination, in both cases a report on the condition of your installation will be issued, which if necessary will include a list of recommendations. This is can be particularly beneficial to long term occupants as well as landlords & home buyers.

Interior and exterior lighting

Whether you require the addition of a single lighting point or more elaborate contemporary garden/exterior lighting systems, we can design the solution to meet your needs.

Cabling and TV/satellite distribution systems

Are you planning an extensive Audio/Visual installation whilst you renovate? Why not ask us to take care of the distribution system at the same time as any electrical work? We only use CAI approved cable and accessories ensuring the best quality.